Shadow Scape Podcast: Episode 4 / ordinary Elephant


This podcast features husband and wife folk duo, Ordinary Elephant.

Some of the wide variety of topics we cover are:

• What the Folk Alliance International Conference is like.

• Nomadic musician life.

• Real world perspectives as a full time folk artist.

• Touring with dogs.

• Musical influences and how it changes your writing.

• How cool their RV is.

• Some of their favorite unknown artist to listen to.

• And much more!


Check out Ordinary Elephant on their website:


As promised in the podcast, here is Ordinary Elephant's list of artists and songs that we NEED to listen to: 

• Red Tail Ring - Fall Away Blues - Fall Away Blues 

• Wes Collins - Diana - One Layer Down 

• Darrell Scott - The One I'm Still Thinking About 

• Matt the Electrician - The Bear (Trio) - The Doubles 

• Chuck Hawthorne - Silver Line - Silver Line 

• Anais Mitchell - Now You Know - Xoa 

• Mary Bragg - Lucky Strike - Lucky Strike 

• Rachael Kilgour - Rabbit In The Road - Rabbit In The Road 

 • Cahalen Morrison & Eli West - Down In The Lonesome Draw - I'll Swing the Hammer With Both My Hands 

• Jonathan Byrd - Father's Day - Cackalack

• Justin Farren - Little Blue Dirt Bike - Another Bluebird Day 

• Heather Styka - Careful With My Heart - While This Planet Spins Beneath Our Feet

• Libby Koch - Naomi - Tennessee Colony 

• Matt Harlan - Second Gear - Raven Hotel 

• Scott Cook - Learning To Let Go - Further Down The Line